Oostkamp, BE [07.04] – Intersoft Electronics Group is developing a completely new AESA antenna technology: L-IESA®- L-band Intelligent Electronic Scanning Array.

Advionics NV, a member of IE Group, is proud to present the first product in the new non-rotating antenna product family, the L-IESA NR-IFF. The design, based on more than 35 years of SSR/Mode S/IFF antenna measurement experience within Intersoft Electronics NV, is now being developed, produced and commissioned with Advionics, who have more than 50 years knowledge of making IFF systems. The L-IESA NR-IFF differs from other IFF ESA solutions by its electronic elevation beam steering technology, its excellent Monopulse (resulting in 360° coverage), and its pointing and multi-beam capability (which counter multi-path effects and platform motion).

Intersoft Electronics Group will participate in the AIMS User Working Group in May 10-14, demonstrating L-IESA NR-IFF test results.