Kleine-Brogel Airbase, BE [KB] – On 26.05. #BelgianAirForce invited #IFF experts of Intersoft Electronics Group companies (Advionics NV, Intersoft Electronics NV) to execute Mode 5 interoperability verification using IE measurement equipment and procedures together with the involved Mode 5 operational crypto computer (US and European) and operational Mode 5 key material. The performed tests were in line with the NATO AeTP-12.3, 12.8 and US DoD AIMS 03-1102, 1202 test procedures that are used for Mode 5 platform certification. The platform under test was the BAF F-16 fighter aircraft with its IFF interrogator and transponder. All tests were successful, demonstrating full interoperability of the platform for Mode 5 operation supporting US/NATO missions.

Given the very few days left on the “Mode 4 Sunset Date”, IE Group companies are presently supporting their customers around the world, providing NATO and AIMS Mode 5 certification support as a service, preparing and executing all required measurements as truly IFF OEM independent measurement expert companies with decades of IFF experience. With the resulting test documentation, it is then a seamless step for the customers to request actual Mode 5 certification at the US DoD AIMS Program Office or the relevant NATO authorities. “Providing the verified IFF measurement equipment together with the highly competent IFF experts, executing the known NATO/AIMS procedures, is very valuable for our NATO and Alliance partner customers, as they win time in proving Mode 5 operational readiness of its forces, platforms or equipment.” says Jan van Gent, COO of Intersoft Electronics NV. “We are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with our partners to secure Mode 5 interoperability, which ultimately makes the sky safer.” 

Intersoft Electronics Group NV was formed in 1999 and comprises the IFF production and field service company Advionics NV, producing IFF equipment for more than 50 years, and Intersoft Electronics NV, SSR/Mode S/IFF measurement equipment and radar technology company since more than 35 years.